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Bette Midler and Me


Bette Midler and Me – Upstairs at the Gatehouse I saw Bette Midler and Me on Wednesday 23rd September. This is a show which essentially intertwines Bette Midler’s life with that of the star of the show, Sue Kelvin. We hear about Bette’s ups and downs, from the death of her sister to her stardom. At the same time we

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Kinky Boots


Kinky Boots –   A musical about shoes……. as a shoe adoring musical theatre fan I have been waiting for Kinky Boots to hit the West End for what feels like forever. In reality it was probably since 2013 when Kinky Boots won the Tony award for best musical!! Luckily I was not disappointed. For those of you not familiar with

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Jewish Legends


I attended Jewish Legends on the 9th September at Upstairs at the Gatehouse. It appears that review shows featuring Jewish artists are all the rage at the moment as I only attended ‘You Won’t Succeed On Broadway If you Don’t Have Any Jews,’ less than 2 weeks ago. The premise of the show is very simple – it look sat

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Parade I attended Parade at London Theatre Workshop on Wednesday 2nd September. I should probably begin with a disclaimer – This is a musical I am extremely familiar with and love. This is the 5th production I have seen of this show. Previous productions I have seen of this show range from the original London production at the Domnar to

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