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Ophelia Thinks Harder

Making a welcome return to the Bridewell Theatre after 18 months of postponement due to lockdown, SEDOS demonstrated that there has been no loss of talent, professionalism or production value in the intervening period with Ophelia Thinks Harder. However, while West End shows may be attracting near capacity audiences (possibly assisted by aggressive promotion) it would have been disheartening for

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Plan 9 From Outer Space: The Musical by Masquerade Theatre Company

PLan 9 From Outer Space banner

Celebrating its 30th year of existence, Masquerade Theatre Company is a new group for this reviewer, as is the Miskin Theatre venue (not the easiest to access given the circuitous route to its entrance, direction provided by previously experienced audience members). Only the programme and website acknowledgement of their Kent Drama Awards 2019 give a clue that this is an

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