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Circa’s Peep Show

Circa's Peep Show

Circa’s Peep Show as part of the Underbelly Festival. Peep Show is Circa’s latest extraordinary show to hit London. Whilst the performers are all Circus trained it is so much more than a traditional circus, in fact I would go so far as to tell anyone going to see it to expel all notions of what a circus is prior

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Cinderella by Matthew Bourne

Matthew Bourne

Cinderella by Matthew Bourne Matthew Bourne is known for challenging the traditional story via his choreography and his latest production of Cinderella is no different. With music by Prokofiev, Cinderella is now set during the Second World War in London. Our prince of the story becomes a dashing war time hero, a pilot united with Cinderella at a ball in

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Giselle…At the Ballet


At the Ballet…..Giselle Before I start let me make it clear from the start I do not profess to be a ballet expert nor someone that attends the ballet regularly so this review is written from the point of view of a regular theatre attendee and about the experience rather than the technical proficiency of the dancers. This production of

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Baila Brazil


Baila Brazil at the Southbank Centre I attended Baila Brazil at the Southbank Centre on Thursday 6th August 2015 with a lovely bunch of fellow ‘LDNTheatreBloggers.’ This is a dance production by the company named Cia de Danca Bale de Rua (street ballet) who dance a fusion of samba, capoeira, funk and breakdancing along with live percussion and singing. The

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