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Stalking The Bogeyman

Stalking the bogeyman

Stalking The Bogeyman at Southwark Playhouse held its press night on the 15th July. I was lucky enough to be invited along via London Theatre Bloggers to review it. Stalking The Bogeyman Stalking The Bogeyman is the true story of David who gets raped by the ‘Bogeyman,’ aged 7. The Bogeyman is his parent’s friends 17 year old son who

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Lord of the Flies


This week sees the final week of the Open Air Theatre tour for Lord of the Flies, having toured since September 2015 and the Churchill Theatre in Bromley plays host to this. During a (unnamed) war a plane, carrying a group of school boys crashes onto an island, killing all of the adults aboard. However 9 boys survive and the

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The Perfect Murder


The Perfect Murder: The Perfect Murder is a play based on Peter James novella which tells of a couple, Victor and Joan both dreaming of a new life without the other, but neither realising the others fantasy and the lengths they will go to in order to get it. I don’t want to go into too much detail regarding the

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Hecuba Trailer by RSC


Hecuba Here is the trailer for RSC’s production for Hecuba…. Hecuba tells the tale after Troy has fallen. ‘Humiliated by her defeat and imprisoned by the charismatic victor Agamemnon, the great queen Hecuba must wash the blood of her buried sons from her hands and lead her daughters forward into a world they no longer recognise. Agamemnon has slaughtered his own daughter

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