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Bullet Hole at Park Theatre

Bullet Hole

Bullet Hole at Park Theatre Despite some brilliant acting, and a fabulously intense atmosphere, Bullet Hole was let down by far too many unanswered questions that left the audience constantly trying to understand the subtext rather than paying attention to the raw emotion on stage. Unnecessarily cryptic and slow, this 90 minute one-act play missed the mark for me. At

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Beirut at Park Theatre


Beirut at Park Theatre Beirut by Alan Bowne is set during an unknown time in the future in America where a virus has spread. Residents are tested and those infected are quarantined in an area of New York whilst those that tested negative live in a different part, the two never allowed to mix for fear of contamination. The virus

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Translations at The National Theatre


Translations – National Theatre By Brian Friel (Review by guest blogger Daniel Bennett) ‘What happens when a land is robbed of its language?’ This is the question National Theatre runs alongside its promotional material for the renowned Irish playwright Brian Friel’s Translations. It’s a fair question, but it is deceptively simple. It suggests the play deals with a single theme;

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Tartuffe at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket. Guest reviewer Daniel Bennett attended the press night for Tartuffe, the latest play to hit the Theatre Royal Haymarket’s stage: Tartuffe is the latest revival to be fashionably inspired by a desire to make a statement about Trump’s America. Others of this ilk include the subtle commentaries on the current western political landscape offered

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Schism at the Park Theatre


Schism at Park Theatre Failed architect Harrison had plans to end his life. The last thing he needed was Katherine, a young student, breaking into his house begging for his help… As their chaotic first encounter turns into the beginning of a twenty year relationship, the unlikely couple grow to realise that they are capable of either building something great

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