Please check out these other websites…..

Bromley Players – the group I perform with & help run.

Sardines – A magazine/online site that I review for – specializes in amateur theatre.

Londontheatre1 – One of the other websites I currently review for.


Good ticket sales websites  –

Last – One of the mammoths of theatre bookings websites. Often has good meal and show packages also. – Lots of great offers and normally my first stop for tickets. Make sure you click ‘apply special offer’ to just see days when the ticket deals apply. – Not a site I have used before myself but can occasionally come up with a good deal.


Other bloggers/reviewers –

Shenton Stage – Marc Shenton’s own page. He blogs daily for the Stage, reviews for London Theatre guild and is the London correspondent for Playbill. Like me he studied Law!

West End Wilma – If you like your reviews with a firm tongue in the cheek then this is the page for you.


Other theatre sites of interest –

The Audience Club – This is a members only site (which I am a member of) where you pay membership of £5 a year which is donated for charity and then Producers/venue managers give the club limited tickets for shows to promote the show. You pay a small admin fee per ticket (normally around £2). You have to be dicreet when in the theatre so I can’t say what I have seen through it but they really do have something for everyone on the site.

Seatplan – If you are looking to book tickets and want to know what the view is like from a particular seat then check out this page. You can also upload your own reviews of seats and once you have uploaded enough you may even earn enough points for theatre vouchers.

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