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Hell Yes I’m Tough Enough at Park Theatre

Hell Yes I'm Tough Enough banner

The script description of Hell Yes I’m Tough Enough defines it as a “relentless, fast paced, hysterical, crude, offensive, passionate, visceral and oh so British comedy that will leave you wanting to grab a placard and take to the streets!” Unfortunately, while this may have been the intention, actualisation fell some way short of ambition. Apparently informed by sources within

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The Messiah at The Other Palace

The Messiah banner

With promotional material for The Messiah boldly announcing “three towering talents” playing a cast of thousands in “the funniest and most magical Nativity you will ever see”, the bar for my expectations was set very high. Patrick Barlow’s play, has evolved over the 35 years since its first incarnation – it has been a hit at the Edinburgh Fringe, been

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Knights of The Rose

Knights of the rose

Knights of the Rose Knights of the Rose is the newest Jukebox musical to hit the stage. It describes itself as a ‘classic rock musical of Shakespearean proportions.’ It tells of the House of Rose, the heir to the throne, Prince Gawain is the leader of the army and his sister, the Princess, is of course beautiful and the object

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Beirut at Park Theatre


Beirut at Park Theatre Beirut by Alan Bowne is set during an unknown time in the future in America where a virus has spread. Residents are tested and those infected are quarantined in an area of New York whilst those that tested negative live in a different part, the two never allowed to mix for fear of contamination. The virus

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