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Chess by the ENO


Chess by the ENO Chess is a piece that I have appreciated, especially musically, for a while, having performed in the show myself a number of years ago. The show is set during the politically driven Cold War. American Chess grandmaster Freddy Trumper takes on Russian grandmaster,  Anatoly Sergievsky but Freddy lets ego get in the way and soon Freddy’s number two, Florence has switched

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Strictly Ballroom

Stricltly Ballroom

Strictly Ballroom Strictly Ballroom is the West End’s latest offering, based on Baz Lurhmann’s movie of the same name. Scott Hastings has grown up in the ballroom dance world however due to his desire to dance his own steps rather than federation steps he finds himself without a partner, just before the finals. Fran, a beginner convinces Scott to dance

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Thriller Live- The Tour

Thriller Live

Thriller Live at The Orchard Theatre Thriller Live is one of those musicals that I really ought to have seen, especially as it is now in its 9th year on the West End, but had never made it. I was partly put off by some who were less than complimentary about the West End show but as I was soon to find

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