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  • Sandy Gillespie

    David Breeds was exceptional to say the least. I go to the theatre – a lot. A stand out performance from one of the finest actors I have ever had the good fortune to see on stage. A real stage presence. His Christopher was real, sensitively drawn, likeable, heart breaking and quirkily funny.
    I have not seen a performance of this callibre on the British stage for decades. His presence gives new hope to British Theatre and raises the bar ten-fold.
    He had the audience in the palm of his hands from the first moment he appeared on stage, and they responded accordingly at the end of the show, rising to their feet the moment the curtain fell and roaring their appreciation when he came forward to take his bow. There was an atmosphere in the air that we were all experiencing something very rare. The performance was so powerful and involving, I at times found myself shaking and on the edge of my seat.
    Spellbinding. Exceptional.

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