The 10 Best Theatres in the UK

The 10 Best Theatres in the UK

Theatre has never gone out of fashion. Despite all the predictions, that it may become extinct and be replaced by television or the internet, theatre lives on and on and gains new levels of popularity with each decade. This is especially true about such country as Great Britain, the country that brought us some of the most brilliant plays and authors. That is why, that British theatres have a lot to offer to almost every person. Sometimes it may be difficult to choose among the enormous range of London theatre shows, especially for a tourist. So here is a list of the most famous theatres in Great Britain that may help you to make up your mind.

The Globe

The Globe or not The Globe? This is not even a question, for the sake of the whole history of England! If you are in London then the Globe is a must visit. Unfortunately this is not the same theatre where Shakespeare launched his immortal plays, it was only opened only in 1997 (actually, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year). However The Globe’s replica has absorbed all the atmosphere of the Elizabethan epoch. Besides, this is so much more than a theatre. Shakespeare’s Globe hosts an astonishing exhibition that takes you hundreds of years before. It also has a great education programme. So, if you want to dedicate your life to the theatre, The Globe can give you inspiration.

Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall is mainly associated with classic music and many classical music fans see it as a must-visit place. It is known as prestigious and luxurious but don’t let this put you off. The Royal Albert Hall has seen David Gilmore and Bjork play there as well as Disney concerts and this spring it is going to host the shows of one of the most popular stand-up comedians in Britain – Russell Howard. So, the venue is more than versatile and up-to-date than you may expect and highly recommend visiting it!

Leicester Square

Leicester Square Theatre in London used to be a well-known music venue under several names. This stage has seen musicians such as The Rolling Stones, The Clash, Sex Pistols and others. It still hosts a great number of live music shows, like Stacey Kent and Albert Lee this spring, but the overall repertoire of the theatre has changed. Today, you can attend outstanding drama, comedy and cabaret performances here. C.S.I: Crime Scene Improvisation, Delphine and GATSBY are only a few of them. Check out more shows at Leicester Square Theatre not to miss anything interesting!

New Theatre

This is one of the most classy theatres in Wales. Situated in Cardiff, New Theatre has been attracting visitors from all over the world for more than a century. Unlike many other venues, this was built with theatre in mind, so everything in its atmosphere is focused on the best perception of drama. On the other hand, some music shows are on the schedule, like Mike Doyle’s concert this January. He is mainly known as an actor, but his singing performances accompanied by live music band is something you really don’t want to miss. Also, New Theatre is hosting Dirty Dancing, The Verdict, The Woman in Black and many other great shows quite soon.

New Alexandra Theatre

The future of the New Alexandra theatre in Birmingham was unstable during the whole 20th century and it was sold numerous time.  On numerous occasions the management were so poor that some critics thought that New Alexandra Theatre was going to close forever. However, the place has always attracted great performers, and this is one of the reasons why Alex, as it is gently called for short, has gained the title of one of the best theatres in the UK. This year the shows are so tremendous that the venue will only follow up the success. Come and see Someone Like You – The Adele Songbook in January, ABBA Mania in February, and The Commitments in March. Each month of 2017 you’ll find something remarkable at New Alexandra Theatre.

St Martin’s Theatre

This one is a distinguished must-visit in London. It is peculiar that there are not many shows you can attend at St Martin’s Theatre, just one to be more exact, but what a performance it is! Agatha Christie’s Mousetrap is the longest running play, globally. It has been on stage for almost 65 years (43 of them at St Martin’s) and consequently holds the world record. If you are still one of those who has not seen the play at its home then visit St Martin’s to be part of this piece of history.  If you have seen it, well, Christie’s masterpiece is a show that can be seen over and over again!

Savoy Theatre

This West End London’s theatre is a mecca for all the fans of musicals. It has not always been like that. For example, in 1931, Oscar Wilde’ tragedy Salome saw the light for the very first time but in the recent years, one after another, the most brilliant and touching pieces of the musical genre appear on the stage of The Savoy Theatre. Musical Theatre musings took a trip here to see both Gypsy and Funny Girl. 

Theatre Royal

This is one of the most historic venues in the UK. Built in 1805 and located in Bath it is a Grade 2 listed building. The Theatre Royal hosts the whole range of theatrical performances. and it has three completely different auditoriums. So, everybody will not just find an interesting show, but something new from an aesthetic point of view each time they visits the theatre. As for this winter, kids will enjoy Robin Hood at the Egg. Adults will get entertained with The Play That Got Wrong and This is Not a Magic Show at The Main House and Ustinov Studio respectively. Upcoming events promise to be as interesting.

Old Vic

The Old Vic is a theatre in London that was built in 1818, right on the corner of Waterloo Road and The Cut. The Old Vic suffered massive bombings but later was successfully rebuilt. The theatre has been led by Kevin Spacey and it brought Old Vic new found fame. Today The Old Vic is one of the most famous theatres in London and this winter you can visit such theatrical performances as Art, Woyzeck, Girl from the North Country and many others. There are also some stand-up nights, like the one hosted by Daniel Kitson this January.

Palace Theatre

Palace Theatre is one of the biggest theatres in Manchester. The building that was opened to visitors in 1891 and has a stunning history.  Just like some old British theatres, Palace Theater suffered from bombing during WWII, but fortunately, it was possible to restore it. Today’s repertoire of the theatre varies from Roy Wood’s concerts to Swan Lake performed by Moscow City Ballet. Soon, the theatre will also see a lot of musicals, among which Funny Girl the Musical, Grease, Wonderland, etc.

So, here is a list of some of the most famous theatres in the United Kingdom. As you can see, there are plenty of great options how to spend your evening watching a good play, comedy or a musical show. Please, mind that this list is conducted to give you a helping hand in your choice of a theatre to visit. Plus, do not forget that it is always better to order your tickets beforehand. There is a great number of foreign visitors, and British people are known for their love of theatre themselves, so the best shows are sold out very quickly.

Thanks to Mike Rotts from TicketSelect for this article!

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