42nd Street starring Bonnie Langford

42nd street
42nd Street starring Bonnie Langford

Come and meet those dancing feet…

A truly wonderful, glittering display of talent, 42nd Street was a toe tapping delight from start to finish.

It’s been a favourite musical of mine ever since I was a little girl, and as a lover of tap dancing, a show I’ve always wanted to see and be a part of. The latter may have to wait for now, but I feel truly lucky to have had the chance to see the show before it closes in January.

42nd StreetHow many sequins were used to create the costumes? Seriously, if anyone has the answer, please let me know! I swear I have never seen so much glitz in one place. The whole production was a spectacle and there were so many wonderful cast members that I can’t possibly mention every one.

The huge ensemble were the highlight of this production, making each number uniquely thrilling and every single member portrayed their individual characters and the sheer desperation and hunger to be in a Broadway show perfectly. The choreography was wonderful and showcased what was honestly one of the tightest dance ensembles I have ever seen on stage.

Clare Halse as the naïve and humbly talented Peggy Sawyer was a delight to watch, and for me, the star of the show. Her passion oozed in every dance sequence, captivating the audience and her comic timing was spot on the mark.

42nd StreetThe role of Dorothy Brock has recently been taken over by none other than Bonnie Langford. I have no other actors’ performance to compare it to, but I thought she did a remarkable job at portraying the diva persona with just the right amount of heartache at the core. My only worry is whether she will be able to perform the part to a high standard for a long duration of time. It sounds as though she has done some serious damage to her voice, and I was truly concerned that she wouldn’t make it through the show. That aside, her acting was terrific and I thought she was great in the role.

“There’s no star without a show!” “There’s no show without a star!” Hats off to Tom Lister as Julian Marsh for embracing this blooper and making it a hilarious moment for those in the audience and on stage! There really is nothing quite like live theatre.

Lastly, a special mention has to go to the Musical Director, Jae Alexander and his band. The score was brought to life and felt totally connected to the overall production with the conductor having a little starring moment in the overture (what a jolly man), and I haven’t stopped singing the songs, or tap dancing, since leaving the theatre!

This really is a must-see show, and I implore you all get tickets before it’s too late!

So, go into your dance, and listen to the lullaby of Broadway…

With thanks to guest blogger Joanne Frazer for the review!

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