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“A Simple Space” the creation of Gravity and Other Myths was a delight indeed and I highly recommend catching this production. A neat cast of seven plus musician, this is a very low key, cool circus experience.

This internationally renowned circus was formed in Adelaide in 2009 and is very contemporary with the focus on human connection and team work.

On arriving at the venue I was struck by the simplicity of the thrust staging which just had spot lights in the 4 corners (operated by the cast throughout) and a small area set up for sound stage left.

The performers walk into the space through the aisles and started with an improvised section where they vocalised falling and demonstrated great catch techniques. This built up with more frequent falls and catches which added tension and showed how reactive the cast had to be.

For the majority of the one hour show there were multiple acrobatics going on simultaneously which was visually spectacular and kept the show pacey.

There were comical interludes one being three of the male performers having a skip off and having to strip if they tripped over their ropes. All of the cast also had a race to see who could make a balloon animal the fastest with their arms behind their backs. The audience reacted with roars of laughter and encouragement. Two of the girls picked men out of the audience to carry in a strength competition and one of the guys solved a rubix cube whilst doing a head stand. 

Aside from the comedy, this was seriously some of the best Acrobatics I have witnessed, no safety mats or nets, high risk balances and tremendous control. The trust and timing between the performers was outstanding. Some of the balances were 3 people high and the girls were tumbling out into catches and going into another throw within seconds.

The star of the show was definitely Annalise Moore who’s balancing and hand to hand combinations were second to none.Benton Adam-Walker’s performance also left the audience in awe by the strength that he demonstrated along side being an amazing acrobat.

As this production is only an hour long it has the versatility to make the great start or end to an evening. It is an hour of pure escapism and it is most definitely a 5 star show. There is something for everyone from very young to old and beats a lot of naff and over produced circus style shows that I have seen in the past.

Review by Lydia Porter

A Simple Space is on at the Underbelly until 5th May.

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