Boogie Nights

I appeared in Boogie Nights with Bromley Players in 2010.

Boogie-nightsRights Holders- Joef Weinberger

Genre – Jukebox musical

Cast Size – 10-25

Principles – 5M 3F

Supporting – 2M 1F

Band – 4 (Plus an optional CD track to supplement band for £75)

Costume – 1970’s disco!

Set – Not essential

Technical – Disco lighting reigns supreme.

In Brief:

Different to the movie……a Jukebox musical which tells the story of Debs and Roddy which involves a pregnancy, cheating on partners and a wedding! If I am honest there isn’t a whole lot of substance to the story but if you like 1970’s music then you may like this show as it features some of the best disco songs of this decade.


The principles are made up of 3 girls – Debs -the lead who needs to be able to belt 1970’s classics, Lorraine – the sexy singer at the nightclub who needs major sass and Trish – Deb’s best friend who is supposed to be awkward. The female principles all therefore have a fairly young playing age – 18-25, for Debs and Trish and 20-30 for Lorraine.  The male principles are made up of Roddy – the philandering womaniser, Spencer – a black singer at the nightclub and Lorraine’s boyfriend, Terry – Roddy’s best mate, Dean – Deb’s new partner and by the end of the show, husband and Eamon- Roddy’s Elvis impersonator dad. Once again Roddy, Terry and Dean have a fairly young playing age of 20-28, Spencer at 25- 35 and Eamon at 40ish. You can probably guess therefore that there is not many parts for the older members of the society.

There are a few cameos but these are are small parts. There are quite a few fun ensemble numbers although a lot of it is spent, Aahhhhhing, ohhhinh, bopping or mmmmming. If your society has strong dancers then the 1970’s disco music is a good chance to show this off to numbers like ‘Starship Trooper,’ ‘Play that Funky Music,’ and ‘Boogie Wonderland.’



The show mainly takes place in a variety of places including the club, outside the club, in a  cinema however a lot of this can be done with props – ie a bar, cinema seats etc as the show doesn’t demand anything in particular to stem from the set.


1970’s rules the day in the show. You will need everything from 1970’s disco wear to 1970’s day wear. A few specalised outfits are needed as there is a fancy dress scene which includes Wonderwoman, Darth Vader, Princess Leia as well as an Elvis costume for Eamon.


The theme of the day is disco here therefore lighting in this show is mega imortant – you can even get away with a more minimal set if you have impressive, all singing, all dancing and ideally moving lights….oh and a disco ball.


The band is made up of keys, drums, guitar and bass so nice and compact!!

Production Team:

Firstly as I’ve just mentioned the band I will deal with the MD- You need someone who is not just an MD but also a piano player as it not the typical show where they stand there and conduct. It may also be ideal if they already have their own band that they can turn to. The choreographer doesn’t need to be able to do anything apart from disco, disco and more disco!!

Bums on Seats:

This isn’t a very well known musical but if you push the songs within the show it could be one that may appeal to the masses. You need to be clever with the marketing of this show and push it in places which may have a readership of fans of 1970’s music.


If you want a jukebox musical that has some great 70’s number in then this a good choice. The storyline is a bit lacking but it is fun, especially if you like your disco!!

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