Bonnie & Clyde The Musical Filmed Live

For those that have been following my website for a while you will know that I have been on the whole journey with Bonnie & Clyde The Musical, from a workshop at The Other Palace Studio, through to the Concert at Theatre Royal Drury Lane and onto its run at The Arts Theatre and later the Garrick. Therefore when they revealed that the pro-shot from the Theatre Royal Drury Lane was finally being released I was excited to re-live the show.

The show was filmed in January 2022 and when the show was put on sale it sold out in a record breaking 6 minutes. I was one of the lucky ones and I was in the audience but as always a pro-shot gives you a very different experience and in particular a chance to get up close and personal with the performers on stage. For those unfamiliar with the show it tells of the infamous couple; from their meeting through to Bonnie breaking Clyde out of prison through to them on the run together. Throughout Bonnie and Clyde the audience also meet Buck Barrow, Clyde’s brother and his wife Blanche who is trying her best to convince her husband to go straight as well as Ted, the local Sheriff who has a soft spot for Bonnie all set against the backdrop of the great depression.

The Pro-shot is a concert version of the show and having seen a fully staged version of it since you do realise just how different it is. However that is no criticism of this version, it was only ever billed as a concert version and ended up being a whole lot more than that!

When I reviewed this production from a seat in the auditorium rather than my living room I described the cast as phenomenal and this filmed version really cemented those views. Jeremy Jordan played Clyde and not only were his vocals to die for but his charisma in the role leapt out of the screen, the camera catching every cheeky smile or flick of the eye. Frances Mayli McCann played Bonnie and she was the ideal Bonnie to Jordan’s Clyde. She perfectly captured Bonnie’s grit and determination whilst still managing to seem wide eyed and innocent. Her rendition of Dyin’ Ain’t So Bad was beautifully poignant and whilst it was wonderful to experience live seeing it up close on film made the emotion hit home even more than normal.

The supporting cast were just as phenomenal. Natalie McQueen as Blanche threatens to steal the show at points with a wonderful comedy performance that has you laughing out loud whilst simultaneously breaking your heart. George Maguire played Clyde’s brother Buck, caught between his wife’s moral compass and his brothers determination not to change his ways, Maguire was utterly convincing as someone caught in the middle. Adding to the star quality of this production was Trevor Dion Nicholas as the Preacher who whipped the ensemble and the audience alike into a fever during ‘ God’s Arms Are Always Open.’

The music and lyrics by Frank Wildhorn and Don Black are always a huge selling point for the musical and the filming of the show captured it all beautifully. The vocals are all stunning, the 9 piece orchestra under the direction of Katy Richardson sounded sublime and the balance between the singers and the band are mixed to perfection, so much so that the quality is as good as a studio cast recording.

The filming of the show itself is done considerately, with a good mix of close ups and angles that the audience may not get to see, whilst also appreciating that sometimes the most powerful image is one of the whole stage. You therefore feel watching this recorded version that you really are getting the best of both worlds.

When I first saw this concert I gave it a raving 5 star review due to a stunning cast and imaginative and emotive direction. Combine this with the intelligent manner it has been filmed in, capturing both the majesty of the huge Theatre Royal Drury Lane stage whilst making it feel intimate with appropriate close ups and this filmed version has captured it perfectly it has to be another full marks!

To watch Bonnie & Clyde the Musical filmed live click here to be taken to the website. It is £13 without ads and £9 with ads.

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