Children’s Theatre During Lockdown

Childrens theatre during lockdown

With so many parents having to home school their children at the moment I thought it would be useful to pull together some resources that may help with this or even just provide some family bonding time while you watch some theatre together.

Theatre To Stream:

Chichester Festival Theatre:

Chichester Festival Theatre have announced that their next 2 shows to stream will be The Midnight Gang and Beauty and The Beast.

The Midnight Gang is available until 29th May. It is by David Walliams and based on his 2016 children’s book. Not only is the musical available to stream but there is also an education pack which includes a small scene for children to act out as well as a word search and colouring in. This is all on their website.

The second offering from Chichester is Beauty and the Beast which is available from 21st May – 19th June. This is a version adapted from the original fairy tale aimed at ages 7+. There are also resources which teach you have to make a paper rose and a word search. This is also on their website and all for free.

Barn Theatre

Every Wednesday at 12pm the Barn Theatre is joined by Tweedy The Clown and a celebrity as you join Tweedy trying to find the celebrity’s missing items. Celebrities have included Hugh Bonneville and Tracey Beaker herself, Dani Harmer. You can find him on the Barn’s Facebook page and is suitable for all ages.

Polka Theatre

Polka Theatre have developed Polka Online. They have 4 current show on there:

– The Paper Dolls. Not only is there a reading of this story but there is a drama workshop to bring to life through movement and voice one of the characters of the story and another one which brings to life the paper dolls themselves. There is also a family activity pack for this show.

-Gorilla. Gorilla tells of Hannah and her toy gorilla on an adventure. There are also workshops and activity packs which includes recipes and a song to learn at home for this show.

-The Everywhere Bear. We have a story which looks at where this cuddly creature ends up. There is also a puppetry workshop on it and by the end your child can put on a puppet show with their favourite teddy bear.

-How to Hide A Lion. Not only is there storytime with this book which includes songs but there is origami, an online drama workshop and a family activity pack.

Baby Broadway

Baby Broadway has gone online. The concerts are delivered by West End performers and their puppet friends and they will perform some of your family friendly musical favourites. Each week on Tuesday and Friday at 11am there is a new online concert via zoom. To participate you need a child from 0-8 years old and it last 30-40 minutes for just £5.

Teddy’s Bears Picnic

Lets All Dance has released a recording of its ballet, Teddy’s Bears Picnic. It is suitable for children aged 6 months to 8 years old and combines ballet with physical theatre. Bring not only your child but their teddy as well. It is only 30 minutes long and is available on their YouTube channel for free.

Alice’s Adventure’s In Wonderland.

Talking of ballet, via Broadway HD you can watch the ballet Alice’s Adventure’s In Wonderland. This was filmed at the Royal Ballet in 2011 and is a perfect introduction for children to ballet. The colours are bright and the Mad Hatter even tap dances. This is suitable for all ages. You can get a free trial at Broadway HD for those that have not subscribed.

Hetty Feather

If you do subscribe to Broadway HD or using the free trial then also check out Hetty Feather. Jacqueline Wilson’s best-selling novel comes to life on stage as Hetty, a feisty young orphan with an intrepid imagination, embarks on an adventure to find her true home. Infused with live music and daring aerial feats.

Lockdown Panto

If you head to St Helen’s Theatre Royal Facebook page they have created a mini series of Rapunzel, a lockdown panto filmed from the casts onw home and edited together. There are 7 episodes each just over 5 minutes each and is suitable for children aged 4+.


Children’s Theatre group Bone ensemble and the University of Birmingham have released their show Gulp on Facebook. It is grounded in science and powered by the imagination, about the beauty and challenges of water in an age of oil, plastic and climate change. It is suitable for children aged 7+.

Wind in The Willows:

This musical was filed live during their run at the London Palladium in 2017. It is £4.99 to stream directly from their website and is suitable for all ages.

Snow Mouse (The Egg, Bath and Travelling Light Theatre Company)

This show caters for the youngest theatre goers from 6 month up to 4 years old. It is a live recording of a tour which followed the puppet Snow Mouse on his adventures across the snow. Click here to view it for free.

Half Moon Theatre

Half Mood have released a variety of shows for different ages. Shows include:

‘Butterflies’ which is aimed at children aged 3-8 where the children try to chase the butterflies away. It focuses on children’s anxiety and how to overcome it.

‘Boys Don’t’ for children aged 8+ which looks at boys displaying their emotions and was nominated for Best Production award for Young People at the Offies in 2018.

‘Need A Little Help’ for children aged 2-7 looking at the experience of young carers.

There are more shows being announced so do check back to their website to see what else is released as well as their shows for older children and teenagers.

A little something extra….

Sadler’s Wells

Sadler’s Wells have created workshops for children aged between 2-6. There are 10 workshops along different themes including shapes, sounds and colours as well as story telling sessions based on Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks. These are all over on their YouTube channel.

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