Cinderella at New Wimbledon Theatre

Cinderella at New Wimbledon Theatre

I must confess…I have always loved pantomimes! I remember as a child the thrill of visiting the theatre with my family as marking the beginning of the festive season. The secret to all pantomimes’ success is to appeal to both adults and children alike, through comedy, song and dance.

And that is why it was so pleasing to be reviewing Cinderella at the New Wimbledon theatre tonight. From the explosive and frankly brave entrance of the fairy godmother, played by the talented Lesley Garrett., to the royal wedding end to the show. The extensive use of pyrotechnics created an immersive and exhilarating atmosphere. The overall production value was mesmerising, and all could see the immense work and talent that contributed to it. So we would like to the give a special mention to the lighting designer, Graham J Mclusky, and the sound designer, Chris Whybrow, and finally the visual special effects company,” The Twins FX”

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Beneath the special effects, an excellent cast, including Samantha Womack as Baroness Demonica Hardup who toyed superbly with the audience’s knowledge and appreciation of her recent roles and provided some memorable song and dance routines. This was only eclipsed in enjoyment by the crowd favourite of Pete Firth as Buttons. Buttons not only made the audience howl with belly laughter, but also entertained them with comedic magic often finishing with proper demonstration of his art. Many will feel, he stole the show and certainly was the pied piper of fun for the young children in audience and those still young at heart

The above having been said, the other members of the cast equally excelled and added hugely to the night’s fun and enjoyment. Edward Chitticks as Prince Charming and Will Jennings as Dandini delivered memorable performances and some boy band tongue in cheek glamour particularly in the parody of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You.

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Cinderella would of course not be Cinderella without the ugly sisters and Leon Craig as Verruca and Bobby Delaney as Hernia supported the production well on stage with great scenes with the Baroness and Buttons as the fun progressed.This was all delivered alongside a brilliant ensemble, featuring children from the Arnould School of Dance and Drama providing the right level of cute. Cinderella was played ably by Melody Thornton delivering solid song and dance numbers, although perhaps unable to make the same impact as others who admittedly were all at the top of their game in this outstanding production.

The New Wimbledon Theatre delivers a 1st class production of Cinderella, you will not be disappointed and will certainly leave having laughed and been thoroughly entertained with the mix of song, dance and comedy.

Review by The Chitty Family

Cinderella is running at New Wimbledon Theatre until 5th January. For more information visit their website.

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