Death Drop 2 – Back In The Habit

Death Drop

Death Drop 2 comes off the back of the success of the first Death Drop. Death Drop 2 – Back In The Habit however sees the action set in a nunnery. The sisters peace is shattered by a visit from the Vatican who is trying to get his hands on their treasure as well as discover the whereabouts of a missing priest, The nuns however do not take kindly to having a man in their midst and consequently many mysterious occurrences start happening.

The shows plot is perfect for a drag show, plenty of opportunity for innuendo and over acting however there were numerous opportunities lost to have bigger jokes and many more camp moments. The pace also took a long time to build up and it didn’t really hit its stride until Act 2. It would have also have been nice to see a few more drag references, at the moment I felt that you could have replaced the Drag Queens with comedy actresses and it wouldn’t have made a difference to the show – throw in death drops, sashaying away and more which in turn also keeps the audience happy.

The show is filled with some of the UK’s best known drag Queens and Kings. Willam is Sis Titis, Cheryl Hole is Sister Mary Berry, River Medway is Sister Maria JulieAndrews, Victoria Scone is Mother Superior and Louis Cyfer is Father Alfie Romeo. All of them could have dialled up their performances, when there were jokes many of the punch lines was lost due to lack of conviction in the delivery. There were however moments where the possibility of the show glimmered. River Medway’s scene when she visits Father Alfie Romeo in his chambers was a perfect example of how good the show could be when the performers commit to a scene, no matter how ridiculous a scene must be.

I also really liked the concept of throughout the show of constantly referring to the fact that it was a show. The best example of this was Corrina Buchan’s star turn as Inner Voice with Father Alfie Romeo – again an example of how this show needs to be dialled up to 11 for it to really work….and this scene was!

The technical side of the show was well done and well considered for a show of this type. The set and costumes were designed by Peter McKintosh. The set captured the scale that one expects when you mention a Convent and the moving doors in the set added the element of humour. The lighting, designed by Rory Beaton was suitably effective for the more sinister scenes and worked well with the set. The costumes were brilliantly considered for each different Drag Queen and effectively encompassed their character, from a Julie Andrews style dress for River Medway to a short sexy number for William.

Death Drop 2 – Back In The Habit is a show with potential but in order to fulfill it the cast need to dial up the energy, the jokes and the commitment by 100. I did see the second ever performance so it may have been that the cast were still setting in to the show and I would be interested to see how the show develops further on in the tour.

Death Drop 2 – Back In The Habit is on at The Orchard Theatre from 1st – 5th November and then the Garrick Theatre from the 8th – 20th November and then continues a national tour.

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