Who Sang It Better – Defying Gravity


Who Sang It Better – Defying Gravity

As my look at Bring Him Home went down so well I have decided it is now time to look at an iconic female song and what better than Defying Gravity from Wicked. For those of you unfamiliar with the show the song comes at the end of Act 1 when Elphaba finds that all is not as it seemed in Oz decides to go her own way.

Who better to start with then the original Elphaba – Idina Menzel. She oriignated the role on Broadway and then went onto be the first Elphaba on the West End.

Now Idina is often cited as the iconic Elphaba and on the recording she sounds phenomenal but to me she just doesn’t do the song justice live. At 5:50 there is a slight crack and her last few big notes don’t sound as effortless as it does with others. Some may say that Idina is having an off day but in comparison to the Tony awards she sounds better here (although rumour is she had an asthma attack just before she went on) and not muc hdifferent here and other performances.

Up next Kerry Ellis who joined the Original London cast in 2006 when she was standby to Menzel for 3 months and when Menzel left she took over the role. She played the role for 1.5 years in the West End and then transferred to Broadway. She returned to the role in the West End on 2 occasions – most recently in 2014.


A well thought of Elphaba is Willemijn Verkaik who originiated the role in the German language prodiction and went on to play the role on Broadway in 2013 and the West End 2013 – 2014, which she had to depart early due to health reasons.



I then turn to Kerry’s pal – Louise Dearman who played the role in the West End from 2012 – 2013 although she also played Glinda!! Versatile much?!


Finally I look at Natalie Weiss – she has never played the role but I adore her version of it –


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