Denim – The Reunion Tour

Denim - The Reunion Tour
Denim – The Reunion Tour:

Denim – The Reunion Tour, follows girl group Demin, who after 20 years of solo careers reunite, for one night only at the O2….or was that Carnegie Hall ?!

Denim - The Reunion Tour

One thing that stands out about Denim is the personalities within the band. We meet Glamrou who is brilliant on the mic and comes out with some of the funniest lines of the whole show. Aphrodite the glamorous one of the group, Crystal provides the rawness along with an incredible vocal ability, Elektra is the vegan, girl with a cause and finally Shirley has her cult members, sorry fans, eating out of the palms of her well manicured hands.

The fact that each person is so different gives Denim- The Reunion Tour the extra edge and makes it that bit more enjoyable. These pop queens are played by Amrou Al-Kadhi, Guy Woolf, Charlie Parham, Hugh Wyld & Tom Rasmussen.

With drag acts getting the look right is also vital. The difference in personality is a brilliant way into their different looks. The highlight has to be the glitter beard….I could not take my eyes off it! All of their looks were brilliantly together, from Shirley’s beehive to Aphrodite’s stunning all in white outfit and enhanced the message of acceptance.

The song choices are inspired, with a pop mash up featuring songs by Girls Aloud and the Spice Girls, to musical theatre classics like ‘I Am What I am’ and finally ‘This Is Me’ from The Greatest Showman. They switch from pop to musical theatre with apparent ease and have the audience cheering, singing and clapping along to all of them. I particularly liked ‘This Is Me’ with nicely delivered harmonies.

Whilst they all have their individual moment to shine and these moments are enjoyable, the highlights of the show are when they perform together. They bounce off each other well and bring an infectious energy to the stage.

Throughout the show there is a strong undercurrent of acceptance but the ending with the song choice and performance of it really topped this off. Denim manage to convey this message without ramming it down the audiences throat, making me wish that Denim – the Reunion Tour was medicine that everyone should be required to take. What better medicine is there than dancing and acceptance combined!

Denim – The Reunion Tour is on at The Assembly George – Piccolo until the 26th August from 22:30-23:30. To find out more about Denim – The Reunion Tour visit their website.

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