Dial M For Murder at The Churchill Theatre

Dial M for Murder is the play that was made famous by Hitchcock when he released the thriller movie of the same name. Written by Frederick Knott it tells of Tony Wendice who finds out that his wife, Margot is having an affair with crime writer, Max and devises a plot to have her murdered. Things however don’t go quite to plan….!

The plot itself really drew me in. Whilst it took a while to warm up I was always keen to see what was going to happen next and unlike many thrillers I couldn’t predict the clever twists and turns it took. s Act 1 spent most of its energy setting up the plot, Act 2 was much more fun to watch and it wasn’t until after the interval that I really felt invested in the outcome.

Tony and Margot Wendice were played by Tom Chambers and Diana Vickers. Chambers role was unlike anything I have seen him in before, less suave leading man and more scheming and smug. He embodied this role brilliantly, slowly reeling the audience into his plot with him. Vickers was also a delight to watch, naive to the plotting going on around her.

Captain Lesgate and Inspector Hubbard are both played by Christopher Harper and his embodiment of the 2 characters is so different you could be forgiven in thinking they were played by different actors. Lesgate as a greasy criminal and Hubbard as a naturally intuitive man, picking up on the slightest of clues. Michael Salami completes the cast as Max Halliday, the man that Margot has fallen for. Whilst I doubted the chemistry between him and Vickers he was at his best when he was bouncing off Chambers.

The show was set in the 1960’s and the whole piece played out in the Wendice’s living room adored with 60’s furniture. The set designed by David Woodhead was a wonderful nod to the cyclical nature of interior design with many pieces that wouldn’t look out of place now yet firmly planting its roots in the 1960’s. To help establish the era the audience are greeted with 60’s music as they arrive into the auditorium which was a nice touch.

Dial M for Murder is a show that needs warming into but once you are engaged you won’t want to hang up!!

Dial M for Murder is on at The Churchill Theatre until 25th September. You can find out more and book tickets here.

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