2020 – The Year of Drive-In Theatre?

Drive-in theatre

With so many of us desperate to get our theatre fix it seems as if the way we ae going to be able to do this is via drive-in theatre.

These are the current drive in offerings and I will update these if any more get added to the list:

Spice World and West End Stars!

On the 1st August, ahead of a Spice World movie screening the Spice Girls will appear as you have never seen them before….Lucie Jones, Aimie Atkinson, Bronte Barbe, Dannielle Steers and Zizi Strallen will become the famous fivesome. It is on at the Troubadore Meridian Water with the experience starting at 9pm. Tickets are on sale now.


UPDATED: 15/7/2020 – Unfortunately Six drive in has been cancelled due to concerns about local lockdown. A statement says “the latest developments regarding localised lockdowns means it has become impossible for us to continue with the series with any confidence.” Kenny Wax, the producer for Six said the tour had been designed, not as a money maker but to put dozens of freelancers back to work. The position is not helped by the lack of clarity on insurance as the government won’t underwrite cancellation insurance.

This is the big one! The Queens will be performing 8 shows a week over 12 weeks across the country in open air sites including London, Birmingham, Bolton, Bristol, Cheltenham, Edinburgh, Leeds, Lincoln, Liverpool, Milton Keynes, Newmarket and Teeside. 300 vehicles can attend each show with a maximum of 7 people per car. You can picnic as you watch the full length show in the area next to your car.

Tickets can be brought from livenation and start of £55 for a car of 2.

West End Musical Drive In

These events are brought to you by West End Musical brunch and they will take place from the 25th July until late August. The first stars to be announced are Kerry Ellis, Alice Fearn and Jon Robyns on the 25th July. Each show will featuring live performances from west end stars and they will also be projected onto 3 huge screens with sound via a bespoke Radio frequency which you car radio can be tuned to. Once again there is a designated space next to the car.

It takes place at The Drive In, Troubadour Meridian Water and it is £42.50 per attendee.

Drive In Cinemas

As well as live theatre performances the more traditional drive in cinemas seem to be popping up across the country, and quite often they are showing musical theatre. Kent Drive in cinema is a great example of this with The Lion King, A Star Is Born and Dirty Dancing all being shown at Swanley Park on the 16th – 19th July.

It therefore seems that a car is the accessory to have for theatre goers this year. Will you be booking or will you be waiting until you can settle into your seat in an auditorium.

Drive In Comedy

The Drive-In Club is arranging nights of comedy gigs as well as podcast recordings and more. There are stars such as Jason Manford, Dick and Dom, Adam Kay, The Vivienne, as well as even some drive n football. Once again this is at Brent Cross.

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