Performers Favourite Romantic Musical Theatre Song

With Valentines Day nearly upon us I thought it would be fun to find out what some of our most loved performers favourite romantic musical theatre song is:

Jodie Steele – Maria (West Side Story)

“Tony’s pure fascination just with the sound of her name is dreamy.”

Rebecca Locke – One Hand One Heart (West Side Story)

“So simple, so soul bearing, so beautiful.”

Alice Fearn – It Only Takes A Moment (Hello Dolly)

“An absolute classic and if you listen to the lyrics it can’t help but make you well up. Plus when it got used in the animation movie Walle my lie was made.”

Matthew Rowland – Love Is A Question Mark (Taboo)

“It’s full of awkward questions, doubt, tension and fear. Not straightforward and clunky but ultimately captures that lovely beginning of something and all the sparks.”

Jenna Lee James – I’ll Never Love Again (A Star Is Born)

“It has lots of meaning and connection for me with a very special person in my life. When you fall in love with someone you just know and we both connected with this song at the same time.”

Kelly Agbowu – I’ll Cover You (Rent)

Kelly sums up her answer in one word….”stunning.”

Scott Paige – Suddenly Seymour (Little Shop Of Horrors)

“When I think of romance and musical theatre songs there is only one song that pops into mind, and not just because this is my favourite musical of all time, but because the first time I heard this song I was filled with so much emotion my whole body filled with tingles. I felt my eyes fill with water and felt my mouth slowly drop. Hearing the raw, powerful, raspy tones of Ellen Greene and the sincerity and sweetness from Rick Moranis, I just didn’t know what to do with myself, I will never forget it. Suddenly Seymour just radiates love for me. Seymour love for Audrey is so blatantly obvious from the start but it isn’t reciprocated just yet, but during Suddenly Seymour this is the moment that Audrey realises that Seymour is the guy she has been looking for the whole time and she didn’t know, it’s just pure magic. Opposites do attract and sometimes it’s not all about the looks it is what’s on the inside that counts and these characters are a perfect example of that. Love is Love.”

Luke Bayer – Can You Feel The Love Tonight (The Lion King)

“I adore the music and Disney! That film and musical take me back to my childhood and I remember seeing the show in London and being so in awe.”

Evelyn Hoskins – All The Wasted Time (Parade)

“It has such an effect on me, from the minute the music starts, obviously the lyrics are stunning and so obviously about how much they love each other but musically, the harmonies, they just reach another level for me.

Jed Berry – Loving You (Passion)

The lyrics so beautifully evoke the idea that loving someone is beyond our control and eventually becomes everything we see in ourselves and everything that we are. It’s as tragic as it is beautiful, as love can often be! It’s fitting that the title of the show is Passion, as the lyrics to the song really do epitomise just that. There’s nothing ‘sunshine and rainbows’ about this statement of love. It’s everything else that love is.

Thank you to all of the performers who contributed to this list! I’d love to hear what your favourite romantic musical theatre song is so do let me know in the comments.

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