I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical

As someone that can relate to the title I was excited to see this show. I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical is a comedic review show by Alexander S.Bermange. It focuses on the life of a musical theatre performer. Throughout the show we are treated to a selection of comic songs which takes us through from the glitzy opening number to the encore, from the audition stages through to making it as a diva and all the stages in between.

The show is squarely aimed at musical theatre lovers and performers alike. There are many nods throughout to hot theatrical topics such as fans at stage door, celebrity casting and the annoying rustling of sweets. The patter is short between the numbers but this is understandable in the short time that is available at the Edinburgh Fringe.

All of the songs are played for comedy value which on occasion gets a bit relentless but you can’t help but laugh along with the next scenario. The clever opening number drops in numerous references of musicals. The numbers continue on in that vein. Some personal highlights was Felix Mosse lamenting about being a standby, Charlotte O’Rourke singing about just how much she loves to sing, James Hume delivering excuses as to why his performance isn’t up to par and finally Charlotte Ann Steen who is glorious as the diva in the company.

The cast all are adept at delivering these comic songs and having the audience laugh along with them. On top of this, many of the songs require the ability to perform in all the different styles and ranges of those you are mocking, making them difficult numbers to perform. This cast however conquers all of the material they are faced with. Charlotte O’Rouke’s number about not being able to sing is a great example of this when she sings at the extremes of her range, belts, sings legato and much more demonstrating just how further from the truth the title of the song is for her.

In order to honour the show I felt that my round up paragraph should be in the style of I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical….. If you wake up in Edinburgh and think Oh What A Beautiful Morning and decide you fancy Another Opening Another Show, All I Ask of You is to Think of Me and my review. Go along and check out one of My Favourite Things in Edinburgh, yes that’s I Wish My Life Were More Like A Musical. However don’t wait until Tomorrow to book, I hear the show is selling out!

I Wish My Life Were Like A Musical is on at The Dairy Room, Underbelly, Bristo Square from 20:45- 21:45.

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