The Jinkx & DeLa Holiday Show Live at The Troxy

Lockdown may have been awful for more reasons than I care to list but one thing I got out of lockdown was the appreciation of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. I set myself the task of watching all RuPaul Drag Race series, including All Stars, therefore whilst everyone else may have discovered Jinkx in 2013 and DeLa in 2014 I discovered them a lot later on. Despite still holding it against DeLa for how she eliminated herself in All Stars I was incredibly excited to see these 2 talented Queens on stage together.

A huge part of the shows success is founded on how Jinkx and DeLa are 2 different sides to the same coin. DeLa lives up to her Miss Congeniality title, refusing to swear and embracing Christmas wholeheartedly. Jinkx on the other hand is full of her dry wit, crude jokes and Christmas scepticism. Due to this they bounce off each other brilliantly and provide something for all tastes.

The show starts with Jinkx and DeLa being released from their lockdown prison. DeLa is all about the holiday cheer where as Jinkx is determined to forget about Christmas and help enlighten the world as to what Christmas it- a pagan ritual combined with gay men’s dress code, appropriated by WASPs! As you may be able to tell from this description there is plenty of social commentary but all wrapped in an enjoyable bundle. Throughout the show we are shown flashbacks to last Christmas, with Jinkx and DeLa in Christmas lockdown together. These flashbacks were brilliantly clever and an inspired way of filling in time during costume changes.

The best thing about the show was the banter between Jinkx and DeLa however that being said the musical numbers were enjoyable and there is no doubt that Jinkx in particular has a stunning voice. She had everyone in stitches during her act 2 number with the (staged) issue with her backing track.

This is not your typical lipsync for your life drag show, whilst there are no death drops there is a huge amount of wit, comedy and so much chemistry between these superstar Queens.

The Jinkx & Dela Holiday Show Live continues to tour. You can book tickets and find out more on their website.

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