Little Death Club at Underbelly

Bernie Dieter’s Little Death Club was a somewhat eye opening experience and definitely not one for the faint hearted! A raucous 60 minute Punk Cabaret that leaves you wanting more and me needing a strong drink.

Little death club
Photos by Alistair Veryard Phtography

The Little Death Club emerged in Germany as an infamous Kabarett whose  performers would drink and perform their most daring acts, never to be seen outside of this lock in. “Weimar Kabarett” was born just after the first world war in Germany when censorship laws were lifted and people were more socially and sexually liberated. 

As Mistress of Chaos, Bernie Dieter does not disappoint. Apart from her striking looks and style she is a great vocalist and commands the audiences attention with her wit, shocking commentary and deep sultry tones. No one is safe as she prowls through the audience looking for her next victim. During the show she picks on several willing and unwilling men to join her on the stage and it really gets the crowd going.

 As well as introducing the various acts she has the audience in hysterics with her original songs, a jaw dropping moment being when she sings “Lick my pussy” which left a lot of the audience stunned and me relieved that I hadn’t taken my mum along with me.The other notable acts of the night were Beau Sargent who performs aerial and contortion and moves exquisitely and Fancy Chance who practices the dangerous art of hair hanging.

Beau is a classically trained ballet dancer and the combination of his technique and aerial is stunning. Blurring the lines of gender he is elegant and strong. His duet with Bernie Dieter is one of the highlights of the show where she sings a very moving song during his aerial routine.

Fancy Chance starts her act in a long flowing gown and is soon flying through the air hooked up by her hair only which is daring enough but she doesn’t stop there, full nudity follows and there are gasps from the audience as she flies round in her birthday suit.The band themselves are fantastic and provide a great underscore for the whole show. The music is rocky, edgy and a fine accompaniment to all of the acts, in particular during a very risky fire breathing set involving some rather hot nipple tassels.

If you are looking for something a little different, are prepared to feel a bit uncomfortable at times but also want to let your hair down this is definitely worth seeing this spring/summer. My only advice is don’t sit too near to the front unless you are prepared to be dragged up or be man handled! I would have loved to have seen a few more acts either by compacting the show or making the run time slightly longer so it’s a 4 star from me.

Review by Lydia Porter

Little Death Club is running until Sunday 23rd July.

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