Out & About – London Eurovision Party 2018

London Eurovision Party at Cafe De Paris
London Eurovision party

Opening Act – Stella Mwangi & Alex

As the Eurovision song contest draws near this can only mean that the contestants publicity tour begins. England does itself proud in partaking in this  with the organisation of the London Eurovision Party which is at Cafe De Paris in Leicester Square. Not only is London treated to a large array of contestants (18 to be exact) but some special guests turned up for the occasion.

The night really is a jam packed night. With the acts beginning at around 6:30 and going onto 11:30 this is 5 hours filled with Eurovision galore and therefore any Eurovision lovers dream. The night is hosted by Nicki French and Paddy O’Connell. Nicki, Eurovision royalty even gave a performance of her new single, ‘Steal The Crown.’ Between them Nicki and Paddy do a great job of welcoming all of the contestants and getting the crowd onto side. A highlight also has to be Nicki’s costume changes – a new dress for every introduction!

London Eurovision Party

Rasmussen from Denmark

Bringing the house down was of course the UK’s entry SuRie with ‘Storm’ however I also enjoyed Denmark’s entry ‘Higher Grounds’ by their Game of Thrones lookalike ‘ Rasmussen’ and the R&B inspired number ‘Nobody But You,’ by Ceasar Sampson of Austria. Part of the beauty of the Eurovision song contest is the huge array of style and the London Party reflects this with everything from the aforementioned R&B to ballads from the likes of Ryan O’Shaughnessy from Ireland.

Special guests included last years UK entry, Lucie Jones who o a break from her role as Elle in the Legally Blonde tour, performed 3 crowd pleasing numbers proving why she is so popular both with musical theatre fans and Eurovision fans alike. Corinne Hermes, Luxembourg’s winner in 1983 was also present. This combination of special guests proves that the evening provides for both those that love the newer contestants as well as winners from previous decades.  The organisers do seem to think of everything!

Lucie Jones

The evening however was made for me by the fans. The atmosphere there was simply buzzing with excitement. The crowd gave a huge amount of support to each and every act regardless of nationality. It really is the perfect evening to not only enjoy an evening of pure unadulterated Eurovision joy but to share that love with hundreds of like minded Eurovision fans.

A big thank you to the organisers of London Eurovision Party for their hospitality and for such a fun night.

To find out more about the party and see some live footage check out their website. If you liked this article you might also like my write up of 2017’s event. 


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