Lost Voice Guy at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Lost Voice Guy
Lost Voice Guy – Inspiration Porn.

Lost Voice Guy needs no introduction, (although I will anyway!) the winner of this years Britain’s Got Talent and adding extra dates to cope with demand during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival his gig is one of the hot tickets of the year. For those of you not familiar with Lost Voice Guy (if such a person exists?) essentially he has cerebral palsy which has left him unable to speak. He therefore uses his iPad and a computer synthesized voice to do the speaking for him.

Lost Voice Guy

Many of you will think you know the type of material Lost Voice Guy would come up with after following his journey on Britain’s Got Talent, well has he got news for you. The Lost Voice Guy we saw on TV is the P.C version and in his Edinburgh Show, Inspiration Porn, he really lets rip.

As the show begins we see a video of the Paralympics, taking us back to the feeling of 2016 when the competitors were regaled as superheroes, well Lee Ridley, otherwise know as Lost Voice Guy soon put a stop to that, along with any notion that he is an inspiration or a superhero. He simply states that he’s too lazy for all of that, as he says, he can’t even be bothered to talk!

Lost Voice Guy in his stand up set isn’t afraid to tell us what he thinks about P.I.P. Theresa May and accessible hotel rooms. There is sexual innuendo and swear words galore. This is poles apart from his material on Britain’s Got Talent but a whole lot funnier.

When you dissect the show it is a strange concept, essentially the audience is listening to a pre-recorded message for an hour however Lost Voice Guy’s material is razor sharp. That along with him taking the mickey out of things such as his own dancing makes you forget all of this.

The show isn’t all laugh a minute however and there are serous points. Most of the humour is aimed at him and whilst he repeatedly tries to convince us he is nothing special, not inspirational, however the sold out audience clearly think otherwise.  Occasionally you are waiting for the punch line and none comes, which really make the audience sit up straight and pay attention. Yes Lee Ridley is hilarious but he also faces the daily reality of living with his disability and unfortunately that isn’t always laugh a minute.

To find out more about Lost Voice Guy and his future tour dates visit his website.

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