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music-of the-night
Music of the Night…

Having looked at Memory, Defying Gravity, Gethsemane, & Bring Him Home the next obvious musical theatre song to have a look at has to be Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera. The number Music of the Night comes when the Phantom finally gets Christine to his lair beneath the Opera house and begins to enchant her with his voice.

Michael Crawford is arguably the most famous singer of Music of the Night, originating the role on both the West End and Broadway. Rather than use the video that was released by Really Useful Group I have used the recording of Crawford singing it live at the Tony awards.

Crawford is who you hear when you say the Phantom and his voice just emulates this role and conjures up such longing coupled with power.

Ramin Karimloo played the role for the 25th anniversary including the performance at the Royal Albert Hall. Here he is performing the song (I apologise for the poor quality of the video – this was the only one I could find of Ramin performing in character)

Ramin is the Phantom that seems to go for the most power and drama, leaving you in no doubt that he can sure belt. That isn’t to say he doesn’t have the dynamics needed for the more tender moments of the song as they are equally as beautiful.

John Owen-Jones is next on my list. He has only recently finished playing the role in the West End although he originally played the role from 2001-2004. He also holds the title as the West Ends longest running Phantom. John Owen-Jones was not only one of the 4 Valjeans for the 25th Anniversary concert of Les Mis but he did the same with Phantom for its 25th anniversary!!


John has to be the smoothest Phantom with a really rich sound to his voice. Where others sounds gravelly he still gets the huskiness across but somehow manages to keep the smoothness.

Next up is Gerard Butler in the 2004 film version.

I have to say that compare him to some other musical theatre films with songs being sung by movie stars (looking at you Russell Crowe) he doesn’t come across badly but I do find some of his phrasing odd at time. In a part such as the Phantom who has an obsession with Opera and music his voice has to be as near to perfection as possible. Butler’s just does not have this quality for me and at times sounds a little to raw.


It is of course personal preference but John Owen-Jones sings Music of the Night best for me- his smoothness just fits in perfectly with the idea of the Phantom being Christine’s Angel of Music.

Who sings is best for you -I’d love to know…



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