Top 10 Musical Theatre Feel Good Songs

With so much sadness and worry in the world I thought a playlist of pure escapism of feel good musical theatre songs would be a fun list to compile, as much for my own sanity and smiles as everyone else reading this!

Raise You Up/Just Be – Kinky Boots

This song, like many of the songs in my list, comes at the end of Kinky Boots. The song celebrates just being who you want to be!

Fabulous Baby – Sister Act

This comes early on in Sister Act where Deloris is dreaming of becomming a star. I love Deloris as she has so much sass and belief in her voice and this song celebrates that.

Don’t Stop Believing – Rock of Ages

I mean the title of this song just sums it up doesn’t it! Yes it is a cheesy version but that actually makes me love it more!

Six – Six

This is such a girl power, sock it to them, dance around your front room party song.

So Much Better – Legally Blonde

I adore Legally Blonde and to be honest 90% of the show is feel good but thi one just really makes me smile, especially with some of Elle’s cracking lines!

You Can’t Stop The Beat – Hairspray

This is another song that comes at the end of the show! Hairspray always has a special place in my heart as I directed it for Bromley Players. This song never failed to get the audience on their feet and dancing in the aisles!

Stick It To The Man – School of Rock

This song comes in School of Rock after Dewey has explained that man is responsible for everything that is wrong with the world but I love it for just a big 2 fingers up to the world song!

Don’t Shoot For The Stars – Eugenius

This is a feel good show let alone a feel good song but this song does sum up the show nicely, showing if you aim high you can achieve big…just don’t forget your friends along the way.

Steal Your Rock & Roll – Memphis

This is another finale feel good song! It is also about the power of music and if this song doesn’t have you dancing around your living room then nothing will!

Roar – & Juliet

Roar comes in & Juliet when Juliet finally decides to take control of her own destiny and be confident. Lyrics such as ‘Cause I am a champion, And you’re gunna hear me roar,’ are bound to make you feel good!

I hope you have enjoyed this. Do let me know what your top 10 feel good musical theatre songs are!

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