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The Musical Theatre Quiz at The Other Palace

When The Other Palace announced that they were running a quiz night themed around Musical Theatre I knew I had to get there! Unfortunately due to life generally getting in the way it took me until July’s offering to get myself down there. In fact it took the lovely Charlotte from Talk Stagey to Me to put out on her twitter that she was looking for 2 team mates for the Musical Theatre Quiz to finally get my ass (along with Mr Musical Theatre Musings) into gear and get there.

Musical Theatre quizEach quiz is usually themed. July’s theme was all around Eugenius which mean that our guest performance was Laura Baldwin, otherwise known as Janey from the show itself. Ticket prices are mega reasonable – you book a team rather than an individual. A team entry costs £25 and you can have up to 5 people on the team which means a bargain price of £5 a head.

The vibe is very relaxed with a variety of people in the room from your theatre bloggers/vloggers, your west end performers (think Norman Bowman) to your super fans. With gin from the bar flowing the quiz kicked off. Paul Fexton is the host for the evening with a nice balance of witty theatre banter and just generally taking the mickey out of everyone there.

The rounds were a good mixture of question complexity with something for everyone. This included a title mash up round, most successful shows on the West End and Broadway rounds and the well loved Singo Bingo (Think sing-a-long bingo where musical theatre songs are played and if you have that show you mark it off). The Singo Bing in particular was a huge success- you just can’t put musical theatre on in a room full of stagey people and not expect power grabs and belting galore.

Theatre Bloggers do Musical Theatre Quiz – myself, Amy Lovatt, Aeron James and Charlotte O’Growney

I’ve already mentioned that we were treated to a performance from Laura Baldwin who sang two numbers, one from Eugenius itself. She came across brilliantly – not only with an incredible voice but with a great sense of humour and very down to earth.

The prizes were good with the winning team caiming tickets to see Eugenius, the winner of sing-a-long Bingo gaining a bottle of Prosecco and a gin and cocktail masterclass (this is what I had my eye on) also given out.

I had an absolute blast and will definitely be back. It really is the perfect place to embrace the musical theatre geek in you and let your stageyness shine through. Oh and if you are wondering how my team (win & tonic) did – a respectable 5th place!

To find out more about the Musical Theatre Quiz and book tickets visit the Other Palace’s Website. 

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