My Left Nut at The Edinburgh Festival

My Left Nut
My Left Nut:

My Left Nut tells the true story of Michael Patrick, an Irish teenager who has a swollen left nut. Growing up without a father and unsure who he can talk to he hides this until the rumours start at school about the large bulge in his trousers….

My Left Nut

The show is brilliantly written by Michael Patrick and Oisin Kearney and strikes the difficult balance between moving and funny. You can be laughing along with Michael one moment and the next he comes out with something so pogient it stops you in your tracks. Whilst at first glance the show is a comedy about a young boy and his giant ball it is actually a lot deeper than this. It is about Michael dealing with his father’s death and his subsequent relationship with his mother. Throughout the show we see Michael develop and his ability to talk to his mother about what she went through with his father grows from this.

The attention to detail within the script was also of the highest calibre. I particularly enjoyed the retro references to Limewire and dial up internet and touches as to how he referred to different people within the story depending on who he was at that particular moment enhanced the show.

Michael has the ability to play all of the characters we meet throughout the show, from his mother to the lads from school to the Doctors at hospital. His change in physicality tells the audience instantly who he is at that precise moment without even having to open his mouth.

My Left Nut was a very clever show, moving in ways I hadn’t expected and despite the unique experience Michael has gone through funny as it was made just so relatable.

My Left Nut is playing until the 26th August 2018 at Summerhall – Red Lecture Theatre at 13:15 – 14:10. To find out more about My Left Nut visit Pan Narran’s website. 

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