My Son Pinocchio Jr

The British Theatre Academy have kicked off their summer season and within it is My Son Pinocchio Jr. This youth production tells of Geppetto’s wish to turn Pinocchio into his son and how sometimes wishes aren’t always what they seem.

The show is beautifully produced and directed, aimed at families and it had a real whimsical feel to it. There were moments where toys were hung from the ceiling or a wardrobe used as an entrance and exit for the Blue Fairy and moments such as these really helped the magical feel of the show.  

The set design by Gregor Donnelly was kept fairly simple but a set of, what looked like children’s building blocks, became everything from a bed to a workbench and more. This was a great move for the space as it kept this family show moving at a swift pace and allowed multi levels for the action to take place on.  Donnelly was also responsible for the costume design and there was little touches which I really liked, for example the Fairies in Training light up shoes and glittery caps or the matching colours for the Townschildren, to their parents.

Whilst the cast is made up of children they are talented all rounders. Joy Clark took on the role of the Blue Fairy, overseeing Gepetto’s wish. She had a lovely clear soprano voice and the perfect ‘Julie Andrews’ butter wouldn’t melt charm about her.  Felix Hepburn took on Stromboli and at moments he threatened to steal the show with his flamboyant and hilarious take on the role.

The Fairies in Training were played by Amelie Williams, Amelia Ioannou, Paul Sarte and Abi Fenner.  They placed the innocent and inquisitive card well. They also had a nice amount of personality between them, making it each of them very watchable in their own way.

My Son Pinocchio Jr is a lovely, quirky family show with sprinkles of magic which will teach the grown up children a lesson as much as the children in the audience.

My Son Pinocchio Jr is playing at Southwark Playhouse until 14th August 2019. To book tickets visit their website.

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