Mythic at Charing Cross Theatre

Mythic at Charing Cross Theatre

If you asked what exact song I’ll be listening to a week from now, you’d be placing a safe bet on anything from the Mythic soundtrack. If you asked what song I’ll be listening to a month from now, you could probably say the same. This catchy soundtrack will be on repeat in my house for sure…just as soon as they release it.


Photos: Marc-Brenner

If I could simply write ‘GO AND SEE THIS SHOW’, 10 times to convince you it’s worthy of your precious time and money – I would. Feast your eyes and fill your earholes with this unique and humorous take on the Greek Gods. It’s only 90 minutes, but it’s 90 minutes you’ll spend clapping, laughing, smiling, and vigorously bobbing your head to the non-stop dynamic numbers this show delivers.

A powerhouse principle cast of 5, alongside the hardest working ensemble I may have ever seen, complete the line-up without a single weak link. The harmonies are record perfect from the off, the vocals are wonderfully strong, and the energy never waivers despite the ensemble, consisting of 4 boys and 3 girls, practically never leaving the stage. Although the show is almost entirely sung-through, the plot is clear, the diction of all cast members is delightfully refreshing, and the humour is excellently timed. The subtle repetition of important lyrics ensure the plot is easily followable, because it’s not exactly conventional.

Marcus Stevens and Oran Eldor deliver a masterclass in how to write clever, plot-delivering lyrics without sacrificing that catchy show-tune pizazz that really keeps the songs in your head.

MythicThe choreography and physical theatre is a testament to Sarah O’Gleby, and her direction just as meticulous – the simple set is manipulated beautifully, and made use of to its full extent. With a multi-roling ensemble utilised to the optimum, this tireless cast makes this show a joy to watch – the connection between the actors is clear, even the exits and entrances are like a seamless dance. In fact, most of the 7 ensemble players are covers for the 5 leads – and if I found out any of them were taking on a role that night, I’d run straight back to the theatre for an excuse to watch it again.

I’ll excuse a couple of accent slips, and a slight tendency for some of the cast to warm into their characters at the beginning of the show, because I’m clutching at straws really.

Goosebump inducing, despite it’s comfortably warm theatre, Mythic is a cheesy, heart-warming, humourous, ridiculously vocally demanding show – I’ll be personally escorting my friends and family.

And to the creators of this wonderful production, if you’re reading –

Release the soundtrack, release the soundtrack, DEAR GODS OF MUSICAL THEATRE RELEASE THE SOUNDTRACK!

Review by Mims Melville

To find out more about Mythic visit Charing Cross Theatre’s website.

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