Sherlock Holmes – An Online Adventure

Sherlock Holmes An Online Adventure – The Case of the Hung Parliament is Les Enfants Terrbiles latest offering. I’ve seen a few of their productions and always been impressed so my expectations were high.

The concept is that 3 members of Parliament have been killed and the Prime Minister is next! Those of you on the Zoom call (up to 6 of you) have to work out from a list of suspects who killed them, how and why! You are guided on the way by Watson (played by Roddy Peters) and even Sherlock drops in for a quick chat!

Peters immediately puts the audience at ease with some patter and gets people to loosen up initially and embrace the experience. Each person on the zoom call is directed to the offices of those that were killed. Within the 3 offices are clues, there to be discovered when you look around on the screen and discuss with your fellow adventurers. You then get the choice to either go to Scotland Yard or to the Lab to discover yet more clues, then each member of the group interviewed each suspect. Finally you are let loose into Sherlock’s office where the final clues are left littered around the office.

At times the clues can feel overwhelming but as the show goes on the pieces start to fit together. The whole concept is incredibly clever and the clues can lead you in so many directions but each stage of the adventure you are kept on your toes.

Often murder mysteries such as these can either seem that there is no rhyme or reason for picking one suspect over another or conversely it is too obvious but this was pitched just right. I was left with a big sense of accomplishment when I finally managed to put together the pieces.

The technical side of things was very well done – from being directed to different websites for different parts of the event to the presentation that came up on the suspects. It all went very smoothly and my biggest fear was my own internets stability.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Sherlock Holmes An Online Adventure. It really would appeal to everyone, from murder mystery fans, to Sherlock lovers and for everyone in between. It is so different to anything else I have done during lockdown.

To find out more and book tickets you can visit their website. Tickets are £17.50 although you can get a private ticket for 6 of you for £105. The show is running until 4th April.

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