Six The Musical at Vaudeville Theatre

The Queens have a new Palace….well actually theatre. With Six’s journey starting at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, then the Arts Theatre, an abated drive in and after a temporary home at the Lyric Theatre they have now found their permanent home in the West End. I took a trip to where Six is now holding Court at the Vaudeville Theatre.

The six wives of Henry the 8th join together to form a group in order to fight it out between them as to who the lead singer is and the winner is the one that has been treated the worst by the one thing they all have in common, Henry! Each Queen gets their chance to shine with their moment in the spotlight, there is a range of styles from power ballads to rave inspired numbers. The pace is quick and a huge amount of style and content is crammed into this 80 minutes show.

The lyrics to this show are incredibly clever….it is packed full of clever and accurate historical facts all wrapped up in modern references with everything from Destiny’s Child to social media as well as a lot of word play. The modern references combined with the girl power vibe ensure that the target audience is young and mostly female. As I left the theatre a teenage girl was pleading with her mother to arrange a repeat trip and it is not many shows that inspire this kind of fandom!

The cast have every right to be called Queens. I was treated to Jarneia Richard-Nioel as Aragon, Bryony Duncan as Boleyn, Natalie Paris as Seymour, Cherelle Jay as Cleves, Zara McIntosh as Howard and Dannielle Steers as Parr. The women are all so wonderfully unique, not only are they diverse but their voices range from pop princess with Duncan to soulful with Steers. Each of them are stars in their own right, they have clear characters and styles. Whilst these women are all incredible individually, together they have tight harmonies, fierce choreography and are a force to be reckoned with. They are accompanied by a 4 piece band which ramp up the ‘girl power’ manifesto by being all women.

Six has an incredible amount of hype around it at the moment but the hype is totally deserved. Where else in the West End can you see an all female cast AND band reclaiming history. This show deserves not only 5 stars but as each Queen is a star in their own right I would give it six stars if I could!

You can find out more about Six and book tickets here.

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