Soft Sessions Live In Concert

This latest concert comes off the back of the successful Soft Sessions YouTube series. They have brought together musical theatre stars, Grace Mouat, Jake Halsey-Jones, Courtney Stapleton, Matha Kirby, Danielle Fiamanya and Eloise Davies.

The idea is that this concert takes the musical theatre stars outside of their comfort zone and asks the artist what they want to perform. What they wanted to perform ranged from Beyonce songs to Luther Vandross. The concert opened with Grace Mouat and Courtney Stapleton singing ‘Teach You’ by Emily King and Sara Bareillis. Grace then went onto perform a blend of ‘Happy Together/ Funny Valentine’ by The Turtles/Rogers & Hart. Teach You allowed Mouat and Stapleton to show off some beautiful harmonies and Stapleton went onto the demonstrate this ability further in her duet with Elosie Davies where they sang Hide & Seek (blue).

We also saw Martha Kirby sing Beyonce’s ‘Resentment,’ Danielle Fiamanya & Jake Halsey-Jones perform ‘Never Too Much’ by Luther Vandross. Danielle and Jake had a wonderful spark between them and seeing this number performed almost as a love duet gave it an interesting twist. The songs chosen all had a mellow, relaxed vibe and with flawless vocals by all of the performers. The success of the music also stems from Musical Director and pianist Alex Beetschen and guitarist Harrison Wilde. I enjoyed that throughout the filming there was focus on all of the musicians rather than just the singers.

Interspersed throughout the musical numbers each artist talks to the audience and explains why they love music and how it has impacted their life. These short interludes helped give the concert a personal feel and you got to see a small glimpse of the artist behind the song.

The camera work is by Callum Heinrich and the whole concert was shot in one take. As Heinrich explains at the end of the show it makes the concert feel more like live theatre. They achieve this by panning around Woolwich Warehouse where the concert was filmed and following the artists from wide shots contrasting to close up of their feet as they move from one area of the Warehouse to another.

Soft Sessions is a mellow, laid back concert that allows you a sneak peak into the musical taste behind the musical theatre artist whilst reminding the audience just how incredibly talented they all are.

Soft Sessions runs from 23rd April – 3rd May at 7:30pm. Tickets are £12.50.

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