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Sarah wearing stage addict t-shrt which says eat, sleep, theatre, repeat

I’ve teamed up with stage addict to let my followers know about their range of stagey clothing!

If you are like me and love a stagey t-shirt to wear to rehearsal or just to tell the world about your love of theatre then this website has it all! Slogans include ‘I speak fluent Broadway and sarcasm,’ ‘I randomly break out into show tunes,’ ‘I’m not yelling I’m projecting,’ and loads more!

As well as unisex t-shirts they do fitted women’s t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, tote bags, bracelets, necklaces (check out the Hamilton quote ones!!), mugs and pillows. All of their designs are drawn by their team and they even say that if you want a particular slogan that they don’t have to just contact them!

Also just a note to those of you in the UK – Whilst it is a US company they still ship to the UK so don’t worry about that!

If you do fancy any of these products then if you quote ‘Save15’ at the checkout you will get 15% off.

If you do want to check out their clothing then just follow this link – Stage Addict.

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In the interest of transparency I have not been paid for this post BUT if anyone does make a purchase after clicking on my link I do get a referral fee! However hopefully my followers know that I wouldn’t put anything on my blog that I didn’t love!!

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