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The Seagull at Harold Pinter Theatre

This is theatrical perfection. A piece of genuinely pure stagecraft, presented to us stripped back to its barest bones. The stage is an unpainted chipboard box. The only props: ten identical green plastic chairs. A superlative ensemble cast, skilfully assembled with all the talent and balance of a championship-winning sports team, takes on a tight, imaginative, free-flowing script and transports us into a comical,

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Translations at The National Theatre


Translations – National Theatre By Brian Friel (Review by guest blogger Daniel Bennett) ‘What happens when a land is robbed of its language?’ This is the question National Theatre runs alongside its promotional material for the renowned Irish playwright Brian Friel’s Translations. It’s a fair question, but it is deceptively simple. It suggests the play deals with a single theme;

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Tartuffe at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket. Guest reviewer Daniel Bennett attended the press night for Tartuffe, the latest play to hit the Theatre Royal Haymarket’s stage: Tartuffe is the latest revival to be fashionably inspired by a desire to make a statement about Trump’s America. Others of this ilk include the subtle commentaries on the current western political landscape offered

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