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The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee by Geoids

The downside of reviewing any production is that it is extremely difficult to sit back and enjoy the performance for what it is. Notes made contemporaneously (not necessarily legible in the clear light of day) or complete reliance on mental notes mean that attention is necessarily divided. A further complication related to amateur productions is the awareness that, by definition,

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Plan 9 From Outer Space: The Musical by Masquerade Theatre Company

PLan 9 From Outer Space banner

Celebrating its 30th year of existence, Masquerade Theatre Company is a new group for this reviewer, as is the Miskin Theatre venue (not the easiest to access given the circuitous route to its entrance, direction provided by previously experienced audience members). Only the programme and website acknowledgement of their Kent Drama Awards 2019 give a clue that this is an

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Hell Yes I’m Tough Enough at Park Theatre

Hell Yes I'm Tough Enough banner

The script description of Hell Yes I’m Tough Enough defines it as a “relentless, fast paced, hysterical, crude, offensive, passionate, visceral and oh so British comedy that will leave you wanting to grab a placard and take to the streets!” Unfortunately, while this may have been the intention, actualisation fell some way short of ambition. Apparently informed by sources within

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