Tap Dogs on Tour

The Tap Dogs Are Back In Town

Since their debut back in 2010, Dein Perry’s Tap Dogs has toured some of the world’s biggest cities, including Cape Town, Johannesburg and Shanghai, and this October, they will be returning to London in a limited run at The Peacock Theatre, Saddlers Wells.

Tap DogsAs a tap dancing fanatic, Adam Garcia has always been an inspiration to me, so I couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity to attend the media showcase of Tap Dogs, hosted by Garcia himself.

With cast introductions, previews of some of the incredible tap numbers, and an exclusive Q&A with the cast, there is lots to be getting excited about in this show.

I can only say that the style and form of the dancing in this show is utterly unique. Whilst we are hearing one thing with the rhythms created by the tappers, we are seeing something spectacular, and I don’t think there was one person in the room who wasn’t in awe of the performers. I can only imagine, having not seen the show in full context before, how thrilling it must be when the whole production – lights, music, set – comes together.

Tap Dogs

“Q: In what way has the show changed since 2010?

A: There are at least another 20 moving lights, it feels more like a rock and roll concert now than ever. We’ve definitely kicked tings up a notch and constantly, the music is being updated.”

So good news guys, even if you were lucky enough to see it the last time it came to London, there is much more to be discovered, so you should absolutely watch it again!

I was able to live stream and film the majority of the showcase, so here’s a little peek for those of you who missed the Facebook Live filming:

Tap Dogs will run for a strictly limited season, starting 23rd October – 10th November.

“There is something very visceral about how you see and feel tap dancing. Whilse musically you’re hearing something, visually it’s spectacular.” – Adam Garcia

Write up by Joanne Fraser

To buy tickets check out their website here.

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