Tap Dogs at The Peacock

Tap Dogs
Tap Dogs at The Peacock.

Tap Dogs isn’t your typical dance or tap show. It focuses on a group of male dancers, dressed in jeans that tap their own unique way across the Peacock stage.

Tap DogsTheir tap style is unlike any other you will see and due to this there is no opportunity for the audience to get bored. The members of Tap Dogs consist of Anthony Russo, Nathaniel Hancock, Richie Miller, Chaise Rossiello, Justin Myles, Reid Perry, Sam Marks and Nathan Beech. They perform all kinds of feats from tap dancing upside-down to tap dancing in welly boots and in a trough of water and from tap dancing and using a basketball at the same time to use of metal grinders!

Despite the impressive feats there is no risk that the show is all trickery and no talent. The fancy footwork is timed to perfection and jaw dropingly impressive. Clearly a huge amount of attention to detail has gone into each moment and they never put a foot wrong, literally.

Tap DogsThere is little to no story throughout the show and although some of the dancers had a character trait to play off (the baby of the group, the joker etc) not much was made of this. However this didn’t matter to me at all.  What mattered was the talent of all of them and the fact that the setting and style changed so often that the audience were entertained from start to finish.

The technical side of the show doesn’t let the side down and is as just as impressive as the tap dancing and the show builds on the technical side as it goes on. The set starts as what looks like a construction site and begins to develop gradually. By the end of the show the back wall is a video screen adding interest to the whole effect.

Tap Dogs is fast paced, energetic and packed full of talented dancers. It isn’t just a show for dance lovers but for anyone that wants an entertaining night out at the theatre that leaves the audience gasping.

If you want to find out more about Tap Dogs and buy tickets then visit the website here.

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