The Addams Family – New Wimbledon Theatre

New Wimbledon Theatre is feeling creepy and kooky this week as the Addams Family have come to town with their own brand of dark humour and family values.

Many people may be familiar with their iconic click click but not everyone will know the show. The musical follows Wednesday introducing her new boyfriend, Lucas and his parents to her family for the first time. Of course with the Addams Family nothing is ever straightforward and due to Gomez keeping secrets from Morticia, Pugsley trying to find ways to keep Wednesday home with him and Lucas’ parents having a dysfunctional marriage chaos ensues.

The show is fun although at times the pace can be a little slow and the musical overall could do with being about 15 minutes shorter overall. Whilst there are some wonderful numbers including ‘Pulled,’ ‘Crazier Than You’ and ‘Full Disclosure’ there are also several numbers which sound very familiar to each other. The Addams Family brand however comes across very well in the show All of the characters are distinct and given a time to shine and the ensemble of ancestors are portrayed beautifully. Each of the ancestors have a very distinct look from different periods of history with an added ghoulish twist.

The choreography by Alastair David was inspired. The show calls for everything from ballet to tango and the highlights were some of the dance numbers, especially with the ancestors.

The power couple of the the family are of course Gomez played by Cameron Blakely and Morticia played by Joanne Clifton. Cameron Blakely is a charismatic Gomez and doting husband and father. Clifton, perhaps unsurprisingly, really shines in the Tango De Amor where her dance skills are put under the spotlight however some of her acting as Morticia felt a little forced and whilst Morticia is supposed to be cold and stiff it went too far the other way.

Whilst Gomez and Morticia are the power couple of the Addams, Wednesday, played by Kingsley Morton, is a pocket dynamite. Her numbers are big sings and she belts them not only easily but with bundles of character and fun. Uncle Fester is played by Scott Paige and he has to sell to the audience his love for the moon, not only does he manage this but he has the audience eating out of the palm of his hand. Dickon Gough is Lurch and he manages to get some of the biggest laughs of the night due to him simply walking slowly across the stage numerous times, which shows how simple jokes can be incredibly effective.

The Addams Family is not only a musical bursting with character but also the perfect way to rediscover this infamous family, filled with creepy moments and kooky dances. It turns out that when you are an Addams you are many things, but fundamentally you are a very good nights entertainment.

The Addams Family is on at The New Wimbledon Theatre until 19th February. It then continues on its tour. You can find out more about the show here.

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