The Jinkx and DeLa Holiday Show at the London Palladium

For the 3rd year in a row I kicked my Christmas off with Jinkx and DeLa and their Holiday Show. Whilst it is still mid November I decided to lean in hard to this and it is fast becoming a tradition for me! Each year their show has a different premise, 2 years ago it was about coming out of lockdown and holiday cheer (or not), last year they had to save Christmas whilst being visited by 3 spirits. This year they decide that they no longer want to do the show but they are stuck in their never ending loop of performing the show, with ‘the show’ increasing its hold over them throughout the night until they learn a meaningful lesson (and perform about it).

The relationship plays out as it normally does, with DeLa ever the optimist and holiday loving, and Jinkx with a dry sense of humor playing up her cynicism. Due to the idea that they both want a break from the show (and Christmas) this year the contrast is not as heightened as year before which normally sees DeLa spiral into a Christmas frenzy. There were elements of this huge contrast I missed however there was still enough there to continue their banter. One thing that came out of this lessening contrast was the sense of camaraderie and friendship between Jinkx and DeLa really came across, for once they were on the same team battling against ‘the show,’ rather than each other.

There is no doubt that Jinkx and DeLa are superstars of the drag world. They tick every box; they can sing, are comedy queens and most of all they know how to entertain. They managed to incorporate one of the years biggest gay anthems into their show which was a stroke of genius. Other song choices were equally as fun with ‘Hey Big Spender’ and ‘Santa Baby’ being 2 other particular highlights. Each number throughout the show has a Jinkx and DeLa spin to it which helped crank the comedy factor up.

One criticism I would give is that the Palladium is a huge stage and this year the show felt a little basic in terms of set and lighting. Their show consists of little more than a black box set wise and the lighting was fairly simple. Whilst the talent speaks for itself in a venue such as the Palladium it is a factor to consider. In past years there has been a heavier reliance on VT and interacting with it, however the VT this year was used sparingly and only really to cover costume changes.

Costumes are always a focus when it comes to drag queens and Jinkx and DeLa did not disappoint on this front. From simple moments such as Jinkx in a red corset, cinched within an inch of her life and looking fabulous to a plethora of red and green outfits and festive attire that they appeared in, all whilst keeping true to their signature looks hair and makeup wise.

As is the norm with The Jinkx and DeLa’s Holiday show not only do these Queens perform in it but they co-write it and in DeLa’s case also directs it. The standard of their performance combined with the longevity of this format shows that they really are multi-talented Queens.

If you are looking for a way to get into the festive spirit then Jinkx and DeLa’s Holiday Show is a great way to do this and will appeal to longtime fans of this duo as well as those seeing them for the first time.

There are further UK dates for The Jinkx and DeLa Holiday Show . You can find out more about The Jinkx and DeLa Holiday Show on their website.

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