The Overtones at The Indigo O2

The Overtones

For those of you not sure who The Overtones are they can best be described as a UK male vocal harmony group who released their 6th studio album in October. They are made up of Lachie Chapman, Mark Franks, Mike Crawshaw and Darren Everest.

The Overtones

The Overtones certainty know how to appeal to their fans and the audience were treated to everything from songs that got you up dancing such as ‘Rockin’ Robin’ and ‘Run-around Sue’ to sentimental songs such as ‘Driving Home for Christmas.’ Whatever they were singing however the harmonies were spot on and their voices all shone.

The Overtones however don’t solely rely on their beautiful harmonies and polished sound. Their choreography was slick and their banter between songs felt natural. They had the whole audience eating out of the palm of their hands from their first song and came across as as a loveable group of cheeky lads each with their own personality.

The show was billed as a Christmas Party and they really did their best to get that vibe going without going overkill on the Christmas songs.  It must have left even the hardest of Scrooges with a warm fuzzy glow.

The Overtones suffered a great loss this year when their band mate Timmy Matley died. The remaining 4 paid a fitting tribute to him in singing, ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow,’ and an emotional ‘Goodbye,’ moving a number of the audience members .  It is a sign of their ability and professionalism that they could go from cheery Christmas songs to a heart wrenching tribute to their lost friend in the space of one gig but they did it with style.

I must also mention how well turned out they all were. From my research I see that their clothes were sponsored by Burton’s and I have to say they all looked great in their choice of suits. Different takes on red and black in the first act then sharp blue suits in act 2. I have to say I preferred the reds and blacks simply as it meant their personalities got to speak a little through their individual outfit choices.

The Overtones clearly set out to entertain and they succeed with this throughout the evening.  A perfect pre-Christmas night out to fill the heart with good cheer.

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