The Worst Little Warehouse In London

The Worst Little Warehouse in London.

The Worst Little Warehouse in London follows Lala Barlow and Robbie Smith as they arrive in London from Australia looking for somewhere to live. They end up living, with 10 other people, in a converted warehouse called Daisy Mill in north London. In this cabaret we meet all 10 of the housemates in all of their glory!

Cast picture of the Worst Little Warehouse in London

Lala Barlow and Robbie Smith in The Worst Little Warehouse in London

The show is highly original and paced brilliantly. We meet Lala and Robbie as they arrival in London and later at their new home, gradually meeting each new housemate and the quirks that come with them until you have all 12 of the housemates on stage at once with (hilarious) chaos ensuing. The show is cleverly crafted as it moves easily between characters.

Lala and Robbie’s energy is infectious and the mind boggles as to how they manage to sustain it throughout the show. They throw themselves into the various characters from the philandering yoga instructor to the vegan leaseholders who ensure everyone knows it! Each of the housemates are a huge parody of people we have all come across, making the jokes all that more relevant and relatable. Despite the numerous characters played by the two of them, through the extensive use of props and clever characterisation it is always clear who Lala and Robbie are playing at that particular moment.

There is a mixture of original songs and parodies of musical theatre favourites, such as Into The Woods and Legally Blonde. The original songs are well written and stuffed full of gags and the musical theatre references have the musical theatre lovers in the audience cracking up. That being said even if you are not a musical theatre buff, you would still enjoy the show! Both Lala and Robbie play the piano and sing, switching between the two easily and even switching who is providing the accompaniment mid-song and they never miss a beat.

The Worst Little Warehouse in London is a great example of how Cabaret can be done well, with two extremely talented performers, a witty script, clever music and slick direction this is a must see fun filled show.

The Worst Little Warehouse in London is on until 26th August at Assembly George Square Theatre – The Box at 15:00 – 16:00.

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