Theatre Shop – Mystery Box

Items from the Thetare Shop Mystery Box

When the Theatre Shop contacted me to ask if I would be interested in receiving one of their mystery boxes I jumped at the chance. Who doesn’t like some stagey merch?!

With all of the boxes being different I hope my write up of the box won’t give away too much of the surprise but instead just give a flavour of the type of thing you might get.

Me wearing my American Idiot Beanie!

The box has been put together to bring some hope and inspiration back to the theatre community and show that we are fighting to get back on the stage.

When I opened the box I had no idea what was going to be in it and I have to admit that was part of the fun. In my box there was:

  • A Ghost tote bag
  • Cats cap
  • American Idiot beanie
  • White Christmas Flask
  • Sister Act Poster
  • Avenue Q badges
  • RiverDance mug
  • Little Shop of Horrors keyring
  • Sleepless magnet.

In total these boxes cost £20. Theatre-shop says the value is £30 but my box was worth in excess of that. You are getting at least £10 worth of merch for nothing. If you love all musicals and would be happy with any stagey merch then I think this box is really great value. If however you only like a few shows then I would check out their show specific merch rather than this box.

To find out more and check out what else they have for sale go to Theatre-Shop has a HUGE range of theatre merchandise, you can search by musical to see what they have or browse by item type.

For transparency I was not paid for this article but I was gifted the Mystery Box by Theatre-Shop.

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