Top 10 Female Empowerment Songs

As it is International Women’s Day I thought it would be the perfect time to put together a list of kick ass female empowerment musical theatre songs. Songs that look at the strength of a woman.

1. So Much Better – Legally Blonde

So Much Better comes in Legally Blonde when Elle finds out she is one of the students that has got the internship with Callaghan and it starts to show Elle that her identify is so much more than if Warner’s loves her or not.

Seeing my name up on that list
That beats the first time that we kissed
You thought I was dumb
But I think that somebody’s judgement was poor

2. Me and The Sky – Come From Away

Suddenly I’m in the cockpit
Suddenly I’ve got my wings
Suddenly all of those pilots protested me
Well, they can get their own drinks

Me & The Sky tells of te true story of Beverley Bass who was the first female American Captain. The song tells of her struggles to get to where she wa, from dealing with flying corpses to dealing with other piolts telling her to get them a drink.

3. One of the Boys – 9 to 5

It’s landed in my lap
I don’t have to take crap
For the first time
Since I was a girl.

9 to 5 is all about equal rights for women in the workplace. Oen of the Boys comes as Judy and Doralee point out to Violet that she is effectivly running the company as they make decision whilst Hart is otherwise tied up.

4. Right Hand Man – Something Rotten

But just to be a pretty lady
That would be a pity baby
Let me be your right hand man

Right Hand Man looks at the relationship between husband and wife, Nick and Bea. Whilst Nick refuses Bea is determined to continue to do jobs that Nick states are for men.

5. Everybody Out – Made in Dagenham

Sometimes in your life,
You’ve got to stand up,
For what you know is right,
And be prepared to fight.

Everybody Out comes at the end of Act 1 when Rita returns back to the factory from a Union meeting and as they refuse to agree to equal pay the women all walk out on strike. The song is full of clever lyrics, from how the politicians, their husbands and the press all viewed them at the time.

6. Look at Me – Witches of Eastwick

Look at me!
I found the power.
Look at me!
In my life, I found the self-esteem

Look at Me comes at the end of Witches of Eastwick when Alex, Jane and Sukie realise they they don’t need Daryl anymore.

7. Roar – & Juliet

Now I’m floatin’ like a butterfly
Stinging like a bee, I earned my stripes
I went from zero, to my own hero

Roar comes towards the end of & Juliet, as Juliet decides to take control of her own destiny and relaises that her destiny isn’t reliant upon who she decides to marry.

8. Female Role Models- Unfortunate

Unfortunate may not be the best known show on this list but it is possibly the most kick ass! The song is sung by Ursula as she is talking to Titan about Ariel about why she has turned into a brat. Witin the song itself we get a huge list of female role models throughout history, including ‘Goddam Michelle Obama.’

9. I’d Rather Be Me – Mean Girls

I’d rather be me is sung by Janis as she explains to the girls of the school why they should stand up for themselves. It is full of lines about breaking gender sterotypes and it is the catalyst for Cady’s change of heart in the show.

So here’s my right finger
To how girls should behave
‘Cause sometimes what’s meant to break you
Makes you brave

10. Sister Act – Sister Act

And with my sisters’ love,
no star above will shine as
bright as me

This song comes as Deloris reflects on leaving the covenant and leaving her new found friends when they need her the most. She decides to return and to sing with her sisters. It is all about female friendship and the strength that can be found in it.

What are your favourite kick ass female empowerment songs?

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