A Trip Across The Universe at the Bob Hope Theatre

Trip Across the universe
A Trip Across The Universe at the Bob Hope Theatre

A Trip Across The Universe is the brainchild of Stuart James, inspired by movie-musical Across The Universe. James has created a Beatles concert with a cast of 19. They perform a huge range of songs from to the universally know Beatles numbers such as ‘All You Need Is Love,’ and ‘Yesterday’ to those lesser known (well at least to me!) such as ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps.’

Trip Across The UniverseWhat I enjoyed most about A Trip Across The Universe is the fact that it doesn’t try to be a tribute act or cover band. It embraces the casts different styles of performing and vocal strengths and plays up to these, which gives the whole show a refreshing vibe whilst still performing these classic numbers.

The vocals are clearly the most important part of this show and luckily they had several very strong soloists. A highlight for me was Jade Sylvia Thomson who sang ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand.’ Whilst she had a voice that wouldn’t sound out of place singing today’s chart music she managed to capture the essence of the song whilst making it her own. I also enjoyed Olivia Stearman’s rendition of ‘Yesterday,’ and James-Lee Campbell’s performance of ‘Across The Universe.’

Trip across the universeI also enjoyed the fact that many of the vocalists had different qualities to their voices with Pat Adams rich alto tones, Sallie-Ann Hurst with her rocky vibe and a more traditional musical theatre sound from Patricia Butterfield. These differing styles singing together could have clashed however they all worked well together, taking the lead at appropriate moments. In group numbers some nice harmonies were delivered although they did go a bit wayward when the men were left to their own devices in numbers such as ‘A Little Help From My Friends.’

The stage was set well, with the band at the back and the set dressed with various curiosities with small details such as coloured scarves being tied to the 4 microphone stands being considered. Set can often be overlooked in concert style shows so plaudits to the team here for giving it a lot of attention. This attention to detail also extended to the costumes with the cast being decked out in colourful 60’s flower power attire.

A fun and engaging show which meant that the Beatles fans around me couldn’t help but sing along and by the end of the show the whole audience had joined in, myself included!

To find out more about the Bob Hope Theatre and what else is on there visit their website. 

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