Trump The Musical at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Trump The musical
Trump The Musical:

It is the year 2020 and Trump is running for re-election, Nigel Farage is King of England, Kim Jong Un’s hand is still hovering about the big button and Putin is wondering where his pal Trump has gone.  Welcome to the word of Trump The Musical!

Trump the Musical

The plot is more than tenuous in Trump The Musical. Trump is over visiting the UK, Farage is planning to invade Scotland, Putin is determined to win Trump’s attention and Kim Jong Un decides that it is the perfect time to nuke South Korea….all at the same time. Clearly farcical but it accepts this and continues with the non stop onslaught of mockery.

Whilst the show focuses on Trump, we see him during his visit to the UK, post Brexit. This gives the writers plenty to focus on that the UK audience are familiar with, especially the NHS and immigration! Whilst many of the initial jokes were predictable they frequently had me laughing out loud and the conclusion was followed through to a surprising ending.

Trump The Musical leaves no leader unscathed in the show. Trump’s mannerisms are exaggerated so much that we never see the man himself without pursed lips and his hands in the infamous ‘ok’ signs.

Natasha Lanceley plays both Putin and Kim Jon Un and manages to capture both their essence perfectly. She takes switching from a thick Russia accent to a hyper Korean dictator in her stride.  The score doesn’t really call for any of the cast to demonstrate their vocal ability but what is clear is that the cast don’t take themselves or the show too seriously. The choreography also leaves a lot to be desired and I would have either preferred something more challenging or something more intelligent as the current routines when delivered were neither.

This isn’t a show to go to see if you want high-brow intellectual commentary on the current state of Politics or even an intelligent plot which takes a look into the future but rather a musical which doesn’t take itself too seriously and pokes fun at just about everyone around!

Trump the Musical is playing at C Venues – C- +2 until the 27th August at 20:55- 21:55. To find out more and to book tickets visit the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Website.

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