West End Misfits: The Christmas Edition.

West End misfits neon sign

West End Misfits is a concert which gives performers ‘the opportunity to present the material that they feel best represents themselves.’ This means that performers get to sing song they wouldn’t normally sing due to gender, race and maybe even age!

This choice of topic lead to an eclectic mix of songs from women singing ‘Sweet Transvestite,’ ‘If I Were A Rich Man’ and ‘What Do I Need With Love,’ to a gender reversed Phantom of the Opera. It made for a fun evening seeing how these songs would be performed and how the talented singers would add their own special twist on them.

Whilst all of the performers were talented one of my favourite performers of the evening was Chloe Rice singing Sweet Transvestite, she really put her own take on the song and managed to deliver a belter of a number full a sass. I also loved this song choice as it really encompassed what the night was about. Some of the other song choices could have been bit more of this ilk to really make the misfits point clearer.

The presenting of West End Misfits was by Lara de Belder, Nic Chiappetta and Boris Alexander and whilst these presenters all had bundles of personality and fabulous voices in their own right these links let the standard of the evening down slightly as they felt under rehearsed and could have had more consideration within them.

The musical director was Ben Levy who I must commend for turning his hand to numerous different styles and keeping up with many unique interpretations.

Overall West End Misfits was a fun night with talented performers. I would have liked to have seen the theme be taken one step further for some even more surprising song choices.

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