White Christmas at the Dominion Theatre

White Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly……’ and it certainty is if you have the pleasure of heading to the Dominion Theatre for White Christmas this festive season.

White Christmas is based on the Christmas movie of the same name. It tells of Bob Wallace and Phil Davis, two soldiers who have returned home following the war and have made a name for themselves as singers and entertainers. When they cross paths with sisters, Betty and Judy Haynes they end up in Vermont at an inn owned by their former General, Waverly. Whilst Waverly was a brilliant General his inn is struggling so Bob, Phil, Betty and Judy come up with a plan to save the Inn, however in saving the Inn they all come across more than they have bargained for.

Whilst the story may be one that is familiar to many due to the film I have to admit that I did not fall into this category. I found the story itself heartwarming and the perfect feel good plot for the festive period. The story line is very traditional, as you would expect from a show of this kind but actually this meant that you could escape to a bygone era and loose yourself for a little while.

One pleasant surprise for me was how beautifully choreographed and danced White Christmas was. Choreographed by Stephen Mear each number was a spectacle in itself. Act 2 opened with ‘I Love A Piano,’ a huge tap number including cast dancing on top of the piano and in each jazz style number each flick of the foot or reach of the arm was executed in perfect synchronicity. Each member of the ensemble were both outstanding individual dancers but also knew exactly how to dance as troupe.

It wasn’t just the ensemble that deserve praise. Danny Mac played Bob Wallace and he managed to sweep the whole audience off their feet whilst wooing Betty Haynes. Danielle Hope has come a long way from her innocent Dorothy days and she was a stunning leading lady with sublime vocals and a character you couldn’t help but invest in. Dan Burton as Phil Davis and Claire Halse as Judy had convincing chemistry and i could watch them dance together all night.

Brenda Edwards played Martha Watson who not only delivered a powerhouse vocal performance but also added some light relief to the show. I must also mention Erin Rushidi who played Susan, the shows youngest role. She held the stage with incredible maturity and was a joy to watch perform.

White Christmas was not only delivered beautifully by the cast but also stunning to watch unfold. The costumes by Diaego Pitarch ranged from stunning blue dresses and suits for the ‘Blue Skies’ number to pastel coloured travelling coats. The set was at its best when it transformed into a beautiful old barn but can anything ever really top it snowing both on and offstage.

If you are looking for a way to get into the festive spirit and leave the theatre with a warm glow inside you then White Christmas is the perfect show choice.

White Christmas is on at the Dominion Theatre until 4th January 2020.

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